Ocean Flow Energy Limited


Ocean Flow Energy Limited (Oceanflow) is the developer of an integrated solution for generating electricity from tidal streams and ocean currents and exporting that power to shore.  The solution centres around the Company’s semi-submerged floating tethered platform solution, Evopod™, which supports one or more horizontal axis turbines.  A key attribute of Evopod™ platform and mooring technology is its suitability for operation in exposed deep water sites where severe wind and waves also make up the environment.  In order to demonstrate its technology Oceanflow has deployed a grid connected 35kW Evopod™ (E35-01) at its tidal site in Sanda Sound, South Kintyre, Scotland.  This is the first commercial grid connected tidal site dedicated to a floating tidal turbine in the UK and data from this site will be fed into the TIDAl-EC project.

Oceanflow’s objective is to offer a low cost, low risk entry to the tidal stream and ocean current renewable energy market with its Evopod™ solution.  While Oceanflow’s community energy scale project at Sanda Sound employs an in-house developed turbine-generator solution, the intent is that scaled up  Evopod™ platform, mooring and power export technology will support larger turbines being developed by third party turbine manufacturers.

Evopod™ employs a simple but effective turret mooring and power export solution that allows the free floating device to maintain optimum heading into the direction of flow of the tidal stream.  Evopod™ can be readily disconnected from its mooring system for relocating to port for maintenance or for change out of instrumentation to meet research project needs.